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Fri Oct 1 21:00:01 EDT 1999

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nugget :: 01-Oct-1999 18:53 (Friday) ::

Well, (knock on wood) it sure seems like statsbox is stable once again.
I broke the cardinal rule in troubleshooting and changed a bunch of things
at once, so we many never know which change (or combination of changes) 
ultimately fixed the problem.  At this point, I'm just happy to have the box
running smoothly again in time for me to go out of town this weekend.

The wife and I will be in Nashville this weekend and it looks like statsbox
doesn't need any more attention for the time being.

A fresh start on monday when I return...  time to turn my attention to the
multitude of stats bugs as reported at http://www.distributed.net/bugs/
and then we can get back into feature additions. 

It also looks like functional ogr stats will be needed quite soon, so
that's on the docket as well.  I'd like to, at the very least, get all
the _raw stuff implemented and get cpu/os stats back before we focus
on ogr implementation issues.

And to Kevin Bentz, thanks for the Aerosmith CD.  It was the soundtrack for
the statsbox recovery after I ran out of RATM music.  :)

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