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bovine :: 05-Oct-1999 19:49 (Tuesday) ::

It's been a few days since the initial release of our new
self-installer packaging of the Win32 CLI client and we've received a
significant amount of good feedback.  We've taken your responses into
account and have since released an updated version 2.7112.444c of the
CLI self-installer.  The actual client is identical to the last one
(and that of the 2.7112.444b zipped version), however some aspects of
the installer have been improved.

Among the things that you may have noticed with our self-installer
Win32 CLI versions is the inclusion of my new "Log Visualizer"
utility.  This is actually a separate application that implements all
of the log graphing functionality that was in the original Win32 GUI
client.  In addition to improving a number of bugs in the Win32 GUI's
grapher, since it is a separate application, you can even use it to
view your log files from other rc5des clients on other machines or
platforms.  Making the grapher separate also allows you to conserve
memory by not requiring you to have all of the graphing code and log
data loaded while you have the client running all the time.

One of the other exciting aspects about the Log Visualizer is that
full Win32 C++ source code is available for it on our source code
webpage at http://www.distributed.net/source/ This allows experienced
coders to help out by making their own improvements to this valuable
utility and contribute their changes back to the entire
distributed.net community.  I encourage interested participants and
Win32 developers and who have spare time to consider helping to
improve it.  Inside of its source code distribution zip file is an
initial TODO file listing some possible areas of work.  You can email
your modifications back to me and I'll occasionally update that zip
file with all of the cumulative changes.

We also have a Java Log Visualizer currently in development and will
similarly release source code for it once it has minimal
functionality.  We welcome efforts to develop similar utilities for
other platforms!  Keep watching for more exciting developments!

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