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Sun Oct 10 21:00:01 EDT 1999

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
decibel :: 10-Oct-1999 07:48 (Sunday) ::

Just a quick update. As you might notice, I just updated the 'Project'
portion of this plan, so now you all know most of what I'm working on.

Thanks to dbaker's work, rc5 at lists.distributed.net is working once
again, so feel free to start sending messages again. It's quite dead
right now (not that I'm complaining }:8P ).

Stats-box is definitely looking happy again. Stats-run is down to just
over 3 hours. We're working on getting a few more drives in the box,
which will allow us to spread the database over several different
drives. This should make a substantial performance improvement, since
the box is very I/O bound. More info as the situation unfolds...

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