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nugget :: 12-Oct-1999 12:24 (Tuesday) ::

distributed.net spent US$2,600 yesterday in order to upgrade our main
server (nodezero) and bring a second web server online.  For an
organization that effectively has no income, this is always a scary
thing.  Our cash reserves are down to just over US$10,000 which is
about as low as I'd want to see it get.  Our ability to properly 
maintain the server network and stats server are directly affected by
our ability to buy the hardware we need.

The most important way you can help distributed.net is to continue to
run the client and encourage your friends to do so as well.  However,
if you're inclined to help in a more direct manner, there are a number
of ways you can do so.  First, we are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation
and donations are tax-deductible for you .us folks.

There's also a way to donate money to distributed.net that's free --

iGive has basically funded our group, having donated more than US$19,000
since they were founded in 1998.  Basically you earn money for yourself
and/or distributed.net by viewing advertisements and purchasing things
through iGive vendors.

Our experiences with iGive have been quite rewarding.  These guys are
building a very interesting business model and doing everything right.
These guys don't spam, or send out annoying adverts.  There's no silly
banner bar you have to find space for on your desktop.  You just visit 
their site each day, at your convenience, and get paid to look at ads.
If you buy a product from one of their listed merchants, distributed.net
gets a percentage of the sale price at no cost to you.  I've been able
to raise about $60 for distributed.net just by buying all my audio CDs
and software through cdnow.com and beyond.com, which are two of the 

Right now iGive is running a promotion where distributed.net gets US$10
for every person who joins by November 15th and makes an online purchase 
by November 30th.  If ten people sign up with iGive and buy a cheap CD
from cdnow.com, that's $100 to distributed.net.

To join, just follow this url...

To keep an eye on distributed.net, you can see where our money has gone:

As always, thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm.

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