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Tue Oct 19 21:00:02 EDT 1999

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
dbaker :: 19-Oct-1999 00:45 (Tuesday) ::

This is a "heads up!" that stats will be much slower than usual tonight.  If you've
read my previous plan entries, you will see that I've been re-processing a lot of
blocks from about a month ago.  Almost all of those blocks will make it into tonight's
stats run, and accordingly, it will take more time to process the extra data.  The ~30k or
so that weren't able to make the midnight cut will be in tomorrow's run.

To top it off, a partition on statsbox filled up right before the statsrun should have
started, so some manual intervention was required in order to launch stats for the
evening.  Stats finally launched the daily run at ~00:45 and all is looking well.

Enjoy, and please email me (dbaker at distributed.net) if you have any questions about your
blocks being "recovered".

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