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Sun Oct 31 19:00:02 EST 1999

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
dbaker :: 31-Oct-1999 06:29 (Sunday) ::

Due to some minor technical glitches on the keymaster, block processing was delayed
right around 22:00GMT.  Accordingly, blocks submitted between 22:00 and 00:00 did not make
it into the day's stats run.  Don't worry; no blocks were lost.  "Missing" blocks were only
delayed by a few hours and will make it into the following day's stats.

nugget :: 31-Oct-1999 18:28 (Sunday) ::

One of the benefits of insomnia is that from time to time you can get a 
lot done in the middle of the night when you cannot sleep.

I closed out a lot of the tiny bugs in stats last night, and added a new
feature which I think will be quite popular.  Major issues, in no 
particular order...

 o Your participant listmode is now honored much more reliably.  Most
   of the places on stats that didn't previously honor a request to
   "list me using my real name" now correctly do so.

 o the "neighbor" list on the bottom of each psummary page now also shows
   current rate as well as overall rate.

 o Each participant can now select up to five other participants as
   "friends" and those other participants will be listed/linked on the
   participant's summary page.  You can see an example on my summary page at
   You can edit your own list from your pedit participant editing page.
   The interface is extremely crude at this stage, it's just five boxes
   which allow you to enter other people's participant IDs.  You'll have 
   to look up your friends' ID numbers manually for now.

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