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cdy :: 02-Sep-1999 14:26 (Thursday) ::

Distributed.Net rox.

dbaker :: 02-Sep-1999 15:47 (Thursday) ::

While doing routine maintenance on the keymaster yesterday (9/1/99), we ran
into some problems that resulted in blocks not making it into the keyspace
tables or master key server logs.  As a result of this, stats did not have
the full keylog data, and your stats may be slightly lower depending on
when your machine(s) flush their blocks.

Please do not be concerned; no blocks or log data were lost.  We will be
re-processing the blocks in the next few days so that they will make it into
the keyspace tables and the logs for stats.

Another announcement will be made by Nugget or myself when all of the "missing"
data has been properly accounted for by the statistics system.  Until then,
your time would best be served by encouraging me to manually process logs
faster at http://www.cdnow.com/gift/dbaker@cuckoo.com

Have a nice day.  Moo.


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