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Mon Sep 27 21:00:01 EDT 1999

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nitehawk :: 27-Sep-1999 15:51 (Monday) ::

Ok... I've been pretty busy lately, so I haven't had much of a chance
to work on stats.  Right now I am helping GregH out with some OGR
testing.  So far, OGR is looking pretty nice.  Here is a teaser from
my test full proxy:
	ogr r=4998/5000, d=0/0, 0.0 Mkeys/sec, tot=89034

Yes we know that the rate screwed up.

I don't know when the release is actually planned though, so don't ask.

nugget :: 27-Sep-1999 20:09 (Monday) ::

Finally have a chance to do some forensics on statsbox, I'm starting off with 
the normal "dbcc checkdb" and "update statistics" just to make sure
everything is tidy at the lowest levels.  I also see that we're getting close
to capacity (only about 150mb free on the main statsdb device) so I'm going
to slice off another half gig or so of space for the data tables.

I think we're within a few months of needing another drive in there,
the main RC5_64_master table is nearing 20 million rows.

The goal today is to determine the cause of the daily update slowdowns that
started last week, although I'd settle for prodding at the box and having it
automagically start working properly.  :)

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