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thebigo :: 10-Apr-2000 05:56 (Monday) ::

Ok, if anyone out there has a Palm head device (Palm Pilot, Handspring
Visor, WinCE Device) and is subscribed to AvantGo Service
(http://www.avantgo.com/) wants to try something new, send me an email.
(thebigo at distributed.net)

Note: Please don't email me asking me where or how to get either of these
things as you will be ignored.

decibel :: 10-Apr-2000 13:39 (Monday) ::

Olah Gyula, one of our participants, noticed an error with the team summary
pages. If you look at an old team today, it will show they had been active
for 901 days, whereas the main statspage shows that the contest has been
active for 900 days.

To fix this error, I've made a change to the statsrun code so that the
number of days a team is working is now based on the first and last days
that the team had blocks submitted. This used to be the difference between
the first day a team had submitted blocks and the day of the statsrun, so
even if a team hadn't received any blocks for the past month, the number
of days working for that team would continue to increase.

With this change, the number of days working will not increase durring
tonights statsrun (teams that have been working since the beginning of
the contest will show 901 days working again), and teams that havn't
submitted blocks recently will have their days working count go down

Sorry for the confusion; hopefully this new method will make more sense.

thebigo :: 10-Apr-2000 23:15 (Monday) ::

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for PDA/AvantGo users in
my last plan. I am no longer accepting emails for help. Thanks to those
who offered.

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