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Tue Apr 18 21:00:01 EDT 2000

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moose :: 18-Apr-2000 03:25 (Tuesday) ::

Ok what everyone has been waiting for.  We are about to start our beta of
new clients for OGR and RC5.  It looks like we have most of the bugs out,
but want to make sure.

We will be looking for your help to find any remaining bugs.

You are probably asking how can I help.  Well If you feel up to it and
want to help the following will be happening.

On Thursday April 20th 2000 sometime UTC we will be opening our beta
network and clients to those who wish to help us test. Information on how
to help out with the beta process will be posted on a page that will be
announced on Thursday and can be access from http://www.distributed.net/

We will be making "beta" clients available with instructions for how to
test the client and functionality.  These clients will use a time out
period so you will should not install then on machines that you will not
be visiting frequently. Also it is possible that this client version will
be ignored by our current network at sometime. Please only use it on the
beta network.

We have a large number of bug fixes and changes included in this version
so we need you to keep a sharp eye out to see that everything works in
your environment.

For changes check out http://www.distributed.net/download/changes.txt.

I'll be working hard on all this in the next few days and will try to keep
everyone up to day.

Thank You for your patience.

nugget :: 18-Apr-2000 14:37 (Tuesday) ::

Two issues: one cool, one trivial...

Apparently, it's just not very simple to send money from France to the
US.  It's also clear that the Euro as a monetary unit hasn't yet gained
full acceptance.  Regardless, we can now officially close the books on
the CSC project.  This morning I picked up a cheque from CS Communications
for 65595,70 B.P.F's.  (No, I'm not altogether sure either, but I'm trusting
that our bank will be able to turn that into USD :)

I'd like to thank CS Communications again for sponsoring the CSC contest,
which turned out to be a fun and exciting project for us.

On a more trivial note, it seems that one or more of the crackers that
we've recently had to pull from stats for using the "C Share" worm client
have decided to retaliate in a rather unique way.  The most recent variant
of the worm client distribution is spreading clients with *my* email
address in them.  Unfortunately, I can't take credit for the impressive
keyrate on nugget at slacker.com -- it's mostly compromised machines running
the client without the user's knowledge.

I can't just yank my own email from stats, obviously, so I need to arrange
a way to strip out the illicit blocks from my stats prior to running each
daily update.  Won't be tough to do; I've been delayed from having been
in Atlanta for the past several days.

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