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Mon Feb 14 14:13:14 EST 2000

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
decibel :: 13-Feb-2000 23:55 (Sunday) ::

Stats are now running for 2/9-2/11. I've turned off web access in order
to speed this up.

moose :: 14-Feb-2000 05:32 (Monday) ::

The following clients have been updated/added:

- NeXT/OS [m68k]  v2.8007.458 - Tru64 UNIX / DEC UNIX / OSF1 [Alpha]
v2.8007.458 - OpenBSD [Sparc/aout]  v2.8007.458

The following proxies have been updated/added:

- OS/2 (x86) [313] - Linux glibc2.1 (alpha) [313]

By Date: http://www.distributed.net/download/updates.html By Sys:

Changes.txt: http://www.distributed.net/download/changes.txt

decibel :: 14-Feb-2000 07:03 (Monday) ::

Stats are still running happily away, and should finish sometime tonight,
so I've turned web access back on. Since web access was disabled during
the 2/9 and 2/10 runs, the static pages are out of date right now (they're
probably showing 2/11 data). As 2/12 and 2/13 run, they should update
(2/11 is running right now, fwiw).

bovine :: 12-Feb-2000 09:52 (Saturday) ::

This past week distributed.net has been busy with the final preparations
for the official launch of our OGR project.  Monday, February 14th will
officially be the first day of the project.

Client version v2.8007.458 will be the minimum build from which OGR results
will be accepted from, even though earlier builds on some platforms included
preliminary beta OGR support.  Please be sure to verify all of your
installed client versions.

The website has also been updated with more details regarding OGR and
reference links to other sources on the net.  I encourage you all to check
it out!  http://www.distributed.net/ogr/

bovine :: 14-Feb-2000 19:03 (Monday) ::

Yes, the OGR contest launch has been moved forward slightly just to give
us a little more time to syncronize all of our upgrades behind the scenes.
It has now been officially set for Tue Feb 15 06:00 UTC.

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