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Wed Feb 16 19:00:03 EST 2000

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nugget :: 16-Feb-2000 22:14 (Wednesday) ::

As most of you have discovered, OGR-24 is underway, although lacking stats.
Throughout the coming days, we'll be working to get OGR stats online and
functional.  While the structure of the OGR stats data doesn't significantly
differ from the previous RC5/DES/CSC tables, we feel that this is an
appropriate time for us to make some changes to the underlying tables and
the stats updating code.  This is why there will be a delay in

Additionally, we've received two donations from participants who have
asked that their donation be earmarked as prize money for the participant
who "wins" OGR-24 by finding the optimal 24-mark golumb ruler.  We plan
on putting some money into the mix as well, and perhaps setting aside some
money for a nonprofit as we've done in previous efforts.

It may not amount to anything more than a few hundred dollars and some
cow from omahasteaks.com, but we do intend to offer some form of prize
for OGR contests as our budget permits.

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