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Sun Jan 2 19:00:07 EST 2000

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
nugget :: 02-Jan-2000 01:43 (Sunday) ::

We tried to be clever, and it didn't work out...  We tried to recover
some of the team joins performed during the 27-Dec to 29-Dec and it
looks like our code accidently unjoined a few people from their teams.
The problem doesn't look too widespread, but it may have affected you.
If you notice that your blocks are not being properly assigned to your
team (you'd see this in the members list), please kindly rejoin your team.

If your team doesn't provide a member's listing, you can verify that
you're still properly joined to your team by editing your participant
information, which will show your current team affiliation.

Sorry for the mishap.

bovine :: 02-Jan-2000 12:46 (Sunday) ::

The first major release of the new Java Log Visualizer has been made
available on the addons page with accompanying source.  This new Java
application (not applet) should be usable on any platform with a
reasonable Java 1.1 implementation.  You can find the new version at

moose :: 02-Jan-2000 18:19 (Sunday) ::

The following clients have been updated/added:

- dnetc-win32-x86.zip Windows 95/98/NT/2000 x86 v2.8004.451
- dnetc-win32-alpha.zip Windows NT Alpha v2.8004.451
- dnetc-win16-x86.zip Windows 3.1 v2.8004.451
- dnetc-dos-x86.exe DOS v2.8004.451
- dnetc-freebsd-x86-elf.tar.gz Freebsd X86 [Elf/MT]

The files will not show up on the mirrors for another 15 minutes or
so, so please be patient.  Also, I will not be updating the
clients.html page till a bit later today.  I have to run out the door.
You can either directly download them from the FTP server, or use the
existing links.

Here is the update to the Changes.txt file:


2.8004.451  fix: OS/2: Fixed crash in -config by using different API calls
            fix: OS/2: included the forgotten CSC-MMX core.
            fix: win32 Alpha: network connect()
            fix: all: 2 digit date in log-by-mail
            fix: MacOS: buffer transfer to non-Mac works again
            fix: solaris x86: multithreading works correctly now (uses
                 native threads bound to LWPs instead of pthreads)


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