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Tue Jan 4 19:00:02 EST 2000

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
vetere :: 04-Jan-2000 02:10 (Tuesday) ::

Build 451 of the Mac OS client will be hitting an FTP site near you in
the very near future. A quick version of the release notes follows.

We've gone 68K! The 68K client is identical in function to its faster
PowerPC brethen (as well as every other distributed.net client). The 68K
client can participate in the CSC contest. Don 'Dakidd' Bruder is the
brain & fingers behind latest addition to our family of clients.

The current CSC G4 core has been sped up by 70% in build 451, without
using Velocity Engine enhancements. Our CSC bitslicer is chasing tail at
college; he's obviously not having much success, or else he would be on
the Net more. (Or is that backwards?)

Misc bugfixes: random blocks are generated again, and the timestaping is
now correct. G4s choose the proper core, and 'Benchmark All' benchmarks
all the available cores. As always, send all new bugs to bugzilla. 

moose :: 04-Jan-2000 02:45 (Tuesday) ::

The following clients have been updated/added:

- dnetc-win32-x86-setup.exe Windows 95/98/NT/2000 Installer v2.8004.451
- dnetc-bsdi2-x86-aout.tar.gz BSD/OS 2.x/3.x x86 aout v2.8004.451

Happy Cracking

vetere :: 04-Jan-2000 03:38 (Tuesday) ::


Okay, they're out. I made the fatal mistake of announcing that they were
in the pipeline prior to their actually being in the pipeline; a horde
of anxious users flooded Moose with some emails that he didn't have to
receive. I won't make that mistake again...

I yanked the 'start & hide' applescript from the 68k distribution just
before upload because of a few reports of it being faulty. Various
applescripts will become separately available as support for that
technology in the client increases. 

You'll also find that the 68k client hogs your CPU. This is (obviously)
a timing issue, and we'll work on it in future releases. 

I'll keep you posted. 

moose :: 04-Jan-2000 03:40 (Tuesday) ::

The following clients have been updated/added:

- dnetc-macos-ppc.sit Mac OS PPC/OS8.x+ v2.8004.451
- dnetc-macos-68k.sit Mac OS m68k/OS8.x+ v2.8004.451


decibel :: 04-Jan-2000 08:21 (Tuesday) ::

For those who are wondering, I shut down statsbox web access temporarily
to build some additional indexes. We're seeing a very heavy load right
now, and this should help. I'll also modify the statproc routines to
build this index nightly in the future.

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