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Wed Jan 5 19:00:05 EST 2000

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
decibel :: 05-Jan-2000 03:06 (Wednesday) ::

Well, we've finally got the load on statsbox under control again
*knocks on wood*

The problem seemed to be with the participant search script again.
(This is what caused the massive slowdown last time too). The
problem is that in order to allow the most flexible search
possible, the script would search for the string entered anywhere
in the email field. ("*string*"). Unfortunately, Sybase can't
optimize this query, and it was killing the box. (The data-servers
were using over 80% CPU almost constantly... when the psearch
scripts were down, usage was rarely over 60%).

So, the script has been redone a bit. First, if there's an @ in
the search term (such as when looking up a complete email
address), the script will attempt to do a "string*" search first,
which Sybase can optimize. If that fails (or if there's no @),
the script will do a "*string*" search like before, but it will
only retrieve a list of IDs, which it will then use to look up
participant info for the specific project. This is a somewhat in-
efficient way to do things, but it's brought the load under
control. The only functional difference will be if you try to do
a partial search using a string with @ in it. You'll end up searching
on "string*" instead of "*string*" like the script used to.

I have a feeling we're going to be needing faster CPUs in the near
future... anyone want to buy the PII-300s we're using for a
keepsake? }:8)

One other note... if you typically do a search on your email, you
might want to bookmark your summary page instead... it will come
up faster if you don't go through the psearch script.

Sorry for the downtime and errors while I was debugging. Everything
seems to be working now.

moose :: 05-Jan-2000 04:42 (Wednesday) ::

The following clients have been updated/added:

- dnetc-dos-x86.exe Dos v2.8004.452

2.8004.452  chg: all: .ini option spin off from the generic [parameters] 
                 section into subsections is now complete. phew! Nothing
		 left except "id".

This upload was mostly to correct incorrect versoin upload of v2.8004.451


decibel :: 05-Jan-2000 07:04 (Wednesday) ::

I discovered/realized that the changes made to the psearch code
will end up requiring some changes in the statproc code as well.
This is always a bit of a hassle, since there are two copies of
statproc code, one for each contest. Instead of making the changes
in both places, I decided to make the changes necessary to allow
the two scripts I changed to work for both contests.

Unfortunately I didn't realize the RC5 statsrun was still happening.

Net result is that the ranking portion of the RC5 code is now re-
running. Unfortunately, I lost yesterday's overall email ranking
in the process, so everyone will show up as having moved 0 places
overall in tommorow's stats. The ranking will be back to normal

Until I get these changes finished, the participant search function
may stop working for a short time after the rc5 statsrun (it will
only stop working for rc5 folks). CSC *should* be ok.

The good news is that I am working on (and making progress on)
allowing Nugget, Bruce, and myself to have small-scale copies of
the stats database that we can tinker with. This should help
eliminate some of these problems that we've been having as of late.

Again, thanks for you patience.

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