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Sun Jan 9 19:00:02 EST 2000

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
moose :: 09-Jan-2000 06:06 (Sunday) ::

The following clients have been updated/added:

- Linux [Sparc/ELF/glibc2/MT] 
- Linux [x86/ELF/libc5/MT] 
- Linux [x86/ELF/glibc2.1/MT]
- PC-DOS, MS-DOS [x86]
- Windows 3.x [x86]
- Windows 95/98/NT [x86/Zipped]
- NetBSD [m68k] (2000-01-08)

I have updated the clients.html page to be created from a client
database.  This has allowed me to create a client page sorted by dated
updated.  So from now on I will include a link to

This page will be updated every time the clients.html page is updated
from the client database.  I hope this helps those of you who wanted a
date listing and a quick refernce to all the clients updated on a
certain day.

moose :: 09-Jan-2000 06:24 (Sunday) ::

Ok sorry.  Looks like the win32 client was packaged incorrectly.  I'm
trying to get a hold of the coder now.  please hold off for now on the
win32 client.  I will post the minute i get an updated client

sorry for the problems


vetere :: 09-Jan-2000 15:07 (Sunday) ::

In the next release of the Mac client - and I'm not tellin' when it's
gonna be :) - you can expect the following changes.

The client works on pre-8.0 Mac OSes. We've got documented evidence of
the client running on systems as early as 7.5.5, but it still fails on
7.1.2. Still more tweaking is required for operation on literally every
Mac made since 1985, but the goal is in sight.

About networking, lead Mac coder Michael Feiri says, "I have found a new
bug in the networking of GUSI2. Even the age old MacTCP is not really
rock solid. If you actively cancel a dialup attempt (e.g. press the
cancel button) then the client loses its networking ability [for the]
entire session... This is frustrating, but at least it's better than the
OpenTransport reconnect bug, in that you can leave this client

The buffer fix attempted in -452 caused more problems than it solved for
some people. We're taking another shot at it, so again: FLUSH your 452
buffers before upgrading to the next release.

MP support and a Mac OS X version of the client are currently being
worked on by our crack-smoking team of top hackers. Stay tuned!

moose :: 09-Jan-2000 18:25 (Sunday) ::

The following clients have been updated/added:

- Linux [x86/ELF/glibc2.0/MT] 

Please see http://www.distributed.net/download/updates.html for
clients updated by dates.

Many of you have still been mailing me to ask where the Win32 client
is (Windows 95/98/NT [x86/Zipped]).  I am am still waiting for it to
be uploaded again.  I will update it as soon as i get it.  Once again
I am sorry for the confusion.


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