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Thu Jan 13 19:00:02 EST 2000

.plan updates in the last 24 hours: 
moose :: 13-Jan-2000 04:47 (Thursday) ::

The following clients have been updated/added:

- Windows 95/98/NT [x86/Installer] v2.8005.454
- Windows 95/98/NT [Alpha] v2.8005.454

See http://www.distributed.net/download/updates.html for updates by

See http://www.distributed.net/download/clients.html for updates by


bovine :: 13-Jan-2000 08:05 (Thursday) ::

I've placed a new version of the Java Log Visualizer (v1.1) on the
mirrors, so you should be able to download it off of the add-ons page.
This new version features a number of user-interface and log parsing
corrections.  Of course full Java source code is included.

bwilson :: 13-Jan-2000 19:18 (Thursday) ::

With Decibel and Nugget's help, I have put together a new version of psearch
for CSC.  We expect this version to lighten the load on tally, because more
of the "meat" is written in SQL.  Please test it and let me know what you
find.  Point your browser at 


then enter your search-text (under Participant) and hit Search.  (The
project summary information you'll see is static - it won't keep up with
tonight's stats-run).

Some highlights:

*  Searches will return up to 50 rows, sorted in rank order.  If more than
   50 rows match the search, the 50 highest-ranked matches will be shown.

*  Characters which Sybase interprets as wildcards ('%' and '_') are now
   treated as literal characters.  Before, if you included one of these
   characters in your search, Sybase would treat them as wildcards, making
   it harder to find some e-mail addresses.  Don't worry if you were using
   this feature - I've included the ability to pass them through in the

*  You must type at least three characters to search.  Regrettably, we can't 
   justify allowing people to search for all e-mail addresses containing '@'
   or 'e'.  If you search for 'com', you'll get what you deserve, but three
   characters should be enough to search for '.fi' or other country codes.

*  If your search contains an @ character, the database will be scanned
   first using "begins-with" logic, on the assumption that you probably
   typed an entire e-mail address.  If that search does not produce data,
   the search will be performed again using "contains" logic.

I plan to allow testing until after the stats run on Friday so you can even
test *during* the stats run.  Please send your comments to
bwilson at distributed.net (you can copy decibel and nugget if you like).

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