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Sat Jul 15 21:00:02 EDT 2000

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours: 

decibel :: 15-Jul-2000 03:50 (Saturday) ::

I wanted to update everyone as to what's going on with stats, since they've
been off and on all afternoon. We've been working hard to squash a few
OGR bugs that we found. When we were doing updates, we were shutting apache
down so that we wouldn't have to try and fight all of you for CPU time
and disk bandwidth. }:8)

RC5 stats are running right now, and I'm also trying to debug another OGR
error, so apache will probably be off for a bit longer. I'll turn it back
on as soon as I can.

Thanks for your patience while we work out these last few kinks!

nugget :: 15-Jul-2000 17:07 (Saturday) ::

Sorry about having stats offline for the past hour or so.  It seems that
due to a screwup last night, the 14-Jul stats were duplicated for both
13-Jul and 14-Jul.  I re-ran everything and the new numbers seem to be

We are working with completely new code for ogr processing, which is why
we're having these little glitches.  The new code is much cleaner than
the old stuff, though, so in the long run the move will be extremely

Another nice benefit of the new code is that we've managed to isolate
configuration data from process data, which means that it's now safe for
us to make the stats code publically available.  Prior versions (rc5) had
sensitive data like sql passwords and the location of the log server
embedded making its release impossible.

http://cvs.distributed.net/ is a browsable public cvs site using Bill
Fenner and Henner Zeller's excellent cvsweb.cgi script.  You can find the
stats code (both html and processing) as well as few other minor bits of

The code is ugly, but I figure if CmdrTaco is brave enough to release his
slashdot code, then the least we can do is make this stuff public.  :)

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