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Mon Jul 17 21:00:03 EDT 2000

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours: 

decibel :: 17-Jul-2000 05:16 (Monday) ::

While running OGR stats tonight, our error-detection routines found an
inconsistency in the OGR data for today. In order to track this down,
stats might be offline from time-to-time for the next several hours. I'll
try and keep them online as much as I can. Also, please note that this is
strictly a stats issue; it in no way affects the contest itself.

decibel :: 17-Jul-2000 06:47 (Monday) ::

Great news! OGR is moving along at such a rapid rate that we have already
sent out the entire stub-space to participants!

While this is very encouraging, the downside is that there is still a
large amount of work (over 80%) that hasn't come back to us yet. With a
fast moving contest like OGR, it is very important to keep your buffers
as small as possible, to avoid un-necessary duplication of work.

Also, the default client behavior will allow OGR work to build-up in the
out-buffer until a flush is called for (which might not happen until all
in-buffers, including RC5, are empty). It is suggested that anyone who is
participating in OGR change this by setting 'Additional Buffer-Level
Checking' on the buffer options menu to option 2 if you can tolerate the
additional network traffic this will produce. Note that if you have dial-up
network detection enabled that this adjustment isn't needed. As well, if
you have configured your client to work only on OGR unless it runs out of
work, then simply setting a small number of OGR buffers will suffice.

decibel :: 17-Jul-2000 12:34 (Monday) ::

Sorry for keeping stats down for so long. I *finally* tracked down the
bug (retire_to's weren't happening properly) and I'm in the process of
fixing it. Until it's fixed and I re-run OGR, the OGR numbers will be

Sorry for the delay.

decibel :: 17-Jul-2000 12:57 (Monday) ::

Another update... I am aware that the index page for rc5-64 (as well as
the other static pages) is missing. Unfortunately, the only person who's
not totally AFK is on the west coast, so it'll probably be a few more
hours before he's awake. We'll get those pages up as soon as possible.

decibel :: 17-Jul-2000 14:05 (Monday) ::

Ok, stats are back up, for the most part. The static pages are still
out-of-date or missing, but other than that everything should be golden.

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