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nugget :: 23-Jul-2000 02:59 (Sunday) ::

Thanks to Wim ten Have and the dedicated, industrious folks at Sybase,
we're getting closer to being able to deploy statsbox as a FreeBSD machine.
Earlier this week, Sybase re-released their Sybase ASE for Linux with a
relaxed license that allows it to be run on a FreeBSD machine using Linux
ABI compatibility.  Plus -- the really big deal -- native libs for FreeBSD
which allows us to compile php and all that stuff.

I've spent much of today setting up a scrub installation on a box at my
house and so far it looks quite promising.  A few hiccups with sqsh and
I still don't have php talking, but it's close.

There's no other full-featured sql server around that's free for both
development and deployment.  It's a hell of a deal.


(and, since some of those links are broken)


(Just to be clear, I'm really enthused about this recent development.
 We certainly don't get anything for endorsing Sybase.               )

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