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Mon Jul 31 21:00:02 EDT 2000

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours: 

bovine :: 31-Jul-2000 12:17 (Monday) ::

Just thought I'd let it be known that we are now beginning to distribute
OGR-25 stubs right now.  Although we have not yet fully received back
completed stubs for the first pass over OGR-24, it's important for us to
allow a reasonable amount of time before reissuing OGR-24 stubs that we
have not yet received responses for.

It is important to note that there is nothing you need to explicitly do
to accommodate the OGR-25 stubs if your client has already been working
on OGR-24.  Perhaps even more important to stress is the fact that you
should NOT intentionally dump or discard your existing OGR-24 buffers so
that you can begin working on OGR-25 sooner.

It's also worth pointing out that due to the nature of the OGR project,
there will be a second complete pass over the OGR-24 stubs so that the
final nodecount data can be correlated between the two passes.  Currently,
we've received back about 86.39% of the stubs necessary for the first
pass.  However, since it's not necessary to wait for the first pass to be
completed before starting the second pass, we've already finished partial
distribution of the second pass stubs and have received back 28.91% of
them so far.

Keep those clients running!  And if you haven't yet added your OGR client
benchmarks to our speed database, I encourage you to visit
http://www.distributed.net/speed/ today!  Moo.  ]:8)

janacek :: 31-Jul-2000 18:07 (Monday) ::

We have added a distributed.net News page to the site which will be updated
monthly with brief updates on our projects and any other newsworthy items
that have relevance to distributed.net.

We have also updated the press kit page, many thanks to Tempest3K for his
help with this task.

There are currently quite a few problems on the non-English side of the
web site and my next task is to do as much as we can to get it tidy and
up-to-date as soon as possible. We are also working to fix other issues
that have been reported in other parts of the site.

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