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moose :: 16-Jun-2000 05:37 (Friday) ::

For those who have not found our pre-release page here is a page we are
happy to provide to those who like to help find problems.  At the following
page you will find "PRE-RELEASE" clients. They are not "BETA" clients but
are clients that are ready to be released that have not been set to time
out or crippled in any way.

By placing clients in "PRE-RELEASE" we hope to find bugs that might have
slipped through the cracks of testing. Clients will stay in prerelease
for about 4 days given that no problems are found. When bugs are found
the bugs will be fixed and a fixed version will be placed into pre-release
to check that the problem was fixed. This will continue till 4 days pass
without any bugs reported. At that time the client will be released.

Anyone can try PRE-RELEASE clients, but we would like to remind you that
updating large numbers of clients could cause you more work if a bug is
found and. So please try the client out on machines that you have access
to and can watch for problems. Please keep checking back for new PRE-RELEASE
versions. They will be identified by date and PRE-RELEASE #.

As always read the changes.txt file and readme files for client changes
and check the client config for new features.

Report all bugs to http://www.distributed.net/bugs/

PRE-RELEASE clients can be found at:

Please remember these clients are not yet fully released yet, but are
usable set for release if no problems are found. We hope not to find any
major problems.


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