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decibel :: 29-Mar-2000 07:58 (Wednesday) ::



That's the sound of me (hopefully) finding and squashing the bug that was
causing the statsrun to occasionally die. The query that does the append
into the master table was setup in such a way that if a person was on two
teams, then it would attempt to add two records to the master table, each
one containing blocks for the two different teams. Of course, you can't
actually belong to two teams, so normally this shouldn't be a problem.
BUT, if someone happened to switch teams while this query was running,
then the query could end up thinking you were on two teams. You would also
have to have submitted blocks on at least two occasions during the previous
day (I believe the query was essentially processing the data on an
hour-by-hour basis).

Hopefully you can understand why this was so difficult to track down. }:8)

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