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Fri Mar 31 16:51:46 EST 2000

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours: 

decibel :: 31-Mar-2000 03:54 (Friday) ::

I've just been notified of and have verified a bug with the statsrun code
that deals with teams. The problem is that any participants who have been
'removed' from stats (this generally only happens when we find people who
have been installing the client without authorization) are still having
their blocks credited to their teams.

Due to the way we are processing the team ranking right now, it would add
a lot of time to the statsrun to fix this bug. There is a change planned
for the team ranking code that will both speed it up and fix this bug,
but it will be a little while before it's implemented. I'm tired of breaking
the statsrun due to not being able to test changes, so this will wait
until we have a test database up and running. This is nearly done, so it
shouldn't be a long wait.

Once this is fixed, I'm sure there's several teams that will move around
in the ranking. I know it will be disappointing for the teams that will
suddenly lose a large number of blocks, but it isn't fair to all the other
teams that these illegitimate blocks continue to be counted.

I will post another update before this change takes effect.

ivo :: 31-Mar-2000 17:28 (Friday) ::

Hmm, it seems the planmailer still had a weird bug. Hopefully fixed now!
(for the ones not subscribed to plans at lists.distributed.net, this bug
caused all plans since the beginning of this system to be mailed out.
And in case I didn't remove this bug completely, we now check for the
mailings not te be bigger than 10k in size, and if they are bigger, it
has to be approved by hand.

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