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Tue May 30 21:00:01 EDT 2000

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decibel :: 30-May-2000 04:45 (Tuesday) ::

Some probably noticed that stats were down for a bit. Real observant folks
might even have noticed that statsrun isn't running right now.  Basically,
the backup is interfering with the statsrun. Normally, this backup is run
Sunday night after statsrun, so it doesn't interfere with anything, but
it's still running right now (I don't know if it started late or is just
running really, really slow).

I had web access shut off for a while to try and speed things along, but
I'm not sure it was making a difference so it's back on again.  Statsrun
won't be happening until the backup is done though, I'm afraid.  We'll
get it going ASAP.

decibel :: 30-May-2000 06:22 (Tuesday) ::

Ok, backup is done. Since it's late and I'm tired and just had to fix some
stupidity, I'm going to vent. :)

Why on earth does RH Linux think that bash is a drop-in replacement for
sh? This:


gets you a bash shell on statsbox. You'd *think* it would get you a sh
shell, since that's what you asked for, but no, RH Linux knows better than
you what you actually want.

To be fair, from what I understand RH isn't the only linux that does this.

I just can't wait for the day that Sybase releases a free version of it's
server for FreeBSD.

Anyway, thanks for listening, and expect the statsrun to be done in about
5 hours.


decibel :: 30-May-2000 23:36 (Tuesday) ::

Well, there's bad news and good news...

Bad news: Statsrun will be delayed tonight

Good news: Reason for the delay is to re-tune the database engine a bit
to better cope with having only a single CPU

Better news: I've re-done some of the team ranking code to pull data from
the team members table instead of the huge master table where appropriate.
My initial testing indicates a *massive* speed improvement. I couldn't
simulate a full run while stats were live, but I'm hopeful that team
ranking will take well less than an hour tonight (it's been taking about
2 hours as of late).

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