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Wed Nov 1 19:00:02 EST 2000

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours: 

decibel :: 01-Nov-2000 01:49 (Wednesday) ::

Some RC5 data accidentally made it's way into the team ranking table from
tonight's statsrun. I'll clean it up later tonight.

decibel :: 01-Nov-2000 05:00 (Wednesday) ::

I've just re-created the team tables for OGR as I discussed yesterday.
Enjoy. ;)

decibel :: 01-Nov-2000 05:10 (Wednesday) ::

Ok, things didn't go exactly as planned. The number of team members is
off for all of OGR. It'll have to wait until tomorrow, as I'm far too
tired to mess with it now without strong odds of really mucking things

decibel :: 01-Nov-2000 19:01 (Wednesday) ::

Fixed. }:8)

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