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Tue Nov 7 19:00:03 EST 2000

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decibel :: 07-Nov-2000 02:43 (Tuesday) ::

I've started running RC5 stats again... it's working on 11/01 right now.
I'm still getting an error from dbcc checkalloc though, which I'd really
like to fix before bringing everything back online. Nugget was also able
to get me a BCP of the teams table from May of this year... that should
drop the number of affected teams down to 20-30 or so.

More info as it's available.

decibel :: 07-Nov-2000 18:58 (Tuesday) ::

Quick status update... RC5 stats are running now; Nov. 4th is nearly done.
As soon as RC5 stats are done, I will start the OGR stats. Peter and I
will be working on some hardware changes to the box tonight though, so
don't expect stats to come back on until that's completed.  If things go
well tonight, stats should be back on in the morning.

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