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Fri Nov 10 19:00:02 EST 2000

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours: 

decibel :: 10-Nov-2000 01:20 (Friday) ::

Based on the activity on the server, it seems a bunch of you already know
this, but stats are back up. I still need to pull in some additional team
info that was recovered, but that'll have to wait 'till tomorrow. G'night.

decibel :: 10-Nov-2000 08:20 (Friday) ::

Part of the fixing I did on stats was to change the statsrun so that it
used a different table for determining what team each participant is on.
Unfortunately, there are some discrepancies between the table that's in
use now, and the table that was being used. Please check to make sure that
your work is being submitted to your team. If it's not, simply re-join
your team. Sorry for the confusion.

moose :: 10-Nov-2000 18:09 (Friday) ::

The Following Clients have been placed/updated for pre-release:

- FreeBSD [x86/ELF]  v2.8011.464  2000-11-10

- Linux [x86/ELF/all lib versions]  v2.8011.464  2000-11-10

- AmigaOS [m68k]  v2.8011.464b  2000-11-10

- AmigaOS [PPC/PowerUp]  v2.8011.464b  2000-11-10

- AmigaOS [PPC/WarpOS]  v2.8011.464b  2000-11-10

The Pre-Release Page can be found at:


changes.txt file is included in the download.

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