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Tue Oct 3 21:00:03 EDT 2000

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours: 

decibel :: 03-Oct-2000 00:59 (Tuesday) ::

Quick update on stats...

RC5 has been running for 20 hours or so now. It's a bit past 50% done on
the second day of RC5 that it had to run.  Of course, in that time, another
day has elapsed, so there will be yet one more RC5 run before OGR stats
run. OGR stats should kick off early this morning. Sorry for the delay.

decibel :: 03-Oct-2000 03:04 (Tuesday) ::

Slight change in plans... the RC5 run didn't plow right into the run that's
needed for Oct 02 like I thought it would, so I'm running the OGR stats
now. They should be up soon, and as soon as they are, I'll start RC5.

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