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Fri Oct 27 21:00:02 EDT 2000

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours: 

coffee :: 27-Oct-2000 22:38 (Friday) ::

Hi everyone, just a quick introduction .plan.

As some of you would know now I've been helping out with distributed.net
for a little while now, so I should have a .plan :)

What I will be doing (other than consuming large amounts of coffee) is
working on the PHP for both the general site as well as helping out with
the help at distributed.net email, for the time being anyway.

One last note - if you have suggestions for stats or anything else you
can submit them via bugzilla (http://n0cgi.distributed.net/bugs/)

decibel :: 27-Oct-2000 23:16 (Friday) ::

I'm in the process of re-configuring sybase to hopefully speed things up
some more.  I'll have it back up as soon as possible.

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