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nerf :: 07-Dec-2001 15:17 (Friday) ::

Good news/bad news:

I have been working on a method to automate the process of determining
when an OGR stub is "completed."  That is, when it has been done by two
separate sources who agree on the result.  When this is finished, we will
be able to quickly determine which stubs still need to be done, and when
an OGR project can be called complete.

Unfortunately, due to some personal issues, my access to computing resources
will be extremely limited in the near future.  As an aside, if you happen
to know of an opening for an HP-UX sysadmin who is willing to travel, drop
me a line.  Australia or the US preferred.

Regrettably, I haven't made enough progress yet to be able to recycle
OGR-24 and OGR-25.  Being able to recycle is one of our highest priorities,
not only so we can finish OGR-24 and -25, but so we can continue to 26...31.

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