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Fri Dec 21 18:59:44 EST 2001

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours: 

bwilson :: 21-Dec-2001 00:38 (Friday) ::

Though we've had some outages recently because of the migration from tally
to blower, the current outage is unrelated.  According to PetrDoubt, the
switch between tally and the outside world has frozen up and needs to be
rebooted.  I'm sure Petr will take care of it as soon as he can.  In the
mean time, please be patient.  Also, you can be sure that this will not
affect any stats totals - all the work is queuing up and will be reported
correctly when we catch up.


decibel :: 21-Dec-2001 22:14 (Friday) ::

There was a hiccup in the 12/18 rc5 logs, which caused processing to fail.
This also caused the ogr logs not to run.

I've fixed the problem, and rc5 is now running. Since it will probably
take a very long time for tally to catch up with rc5, I've turned the web
access off for right now.

The good news is that blower is currently building indexes for all of the
tables that have been copied over from tally, so we're getting closer to
having blower in production.

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