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Mon Jan 15 20:00:02 EST 2001

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours: 

bovine :: 15-Jan-2001 10:28 (Monday) ::

Well, here is a new plan update since many people have been nagging me
for an update (and one johnla in particular).

I have just made available new versions of the Win32 Log Visualizer and
Java Log Visualizer utilities.  For both of them, I added support for the
new log file format used by the recently released v2.8012.465 client
builds.  Additionally, in the Win32 version I have added support for
selecting which project data to look at, instead of viewing all projects
mixed together (the Java version has separated the projects by painting
each with a different color since the last version or two).  The Win32
version also adds the ability to turn off the artificial "emphasis" of
idle periods when the dnetc client was not running, because the emphasis
would frequently become distracting on large log files.  You can retrieve
precompiled binaries or source from
http://www.distributed.net/download/addons.html or

Also noteworthy is that distributed.net has recently migrated its primary
IRC channel from the EFNET irc network to a new private IRC network.
Although http://www.distributed.net/discussion/irc.html has not yet been
updated to reflect this fact, you can now find us on irc.distributed.net
(port 6667) in the #distributed or #ud channels.  To help maintain a
partial presence on EFNET and ease with the migration to the new IRC
network, I have also written a two-way Perl IRC relaybot that sits on both
networks and relays conversations across the gap.  Nugget has put together
a page summarizing scripts for several popular IRC clients that makes this
relaying a little bit more transparent:

For those of you interested in news from the United Devices front, as of
this weekend the entire UD staff has moved to a new 16800 sq ft office
building.  There will undoubtedly be a significant amount of unpacking
and equipment/network set-up during this coming week, so there may be
intermittent reachability to http://cvs.distributed.net/ More importantly,
the increased amount of bandwidth to the UD office (that we have been
promising for awhile) is expected to be arriving very soon after this
office move settles down.  The limited bandwidth to the United Devices
office has been the factor that has been preventing us from bringing the
new, replacement stats server online.  Once the bandwidth issue is resolved,
the database contents will merely need to be transferred over and then
the new server will be able to take over right in its place.  However I
can't be any more specific on the timeframe for the full conversion, since
Nugget and Decibel would be the ones in charge of that entire process.

Well, that's all for now.  I wonder how many more birthday emails I'll
end up getting today...  ]:8)

nugget :: 15-Jan-2001 22:48 (Monday) ::

[Jan 15 22:49:07 UTC] Automatic processor detection found 4 processors.
[Jan 15 22:49:07 UTC] Loading crunchers with work...  [Jan 15 22:49:07
UTC] Loaded OGR stub 25/12-11-2-8-18-19 (35.50% done) [Jan 15 22:49:07
UTC] Loaded OGR stub 25/12-11-2-8-19-5 [Jan 15 22:49:07 UTC] Loaded OGR
stub 25/12-11-2-8-19-1 [Jan 15 22:49:07 UTC] Loaded OGR stub
25/12-11-2-15-16-10 [Jan 15 22:49:07 UTC] 10 OGR packets (10 work units)
remain in buff-in.ogr [Jan 15 22:49:07 UTC] 10 OGR packets (10 work units)
are in buff-out.ogr [Jan 15 22:49:07 UTC] 4 crunchers ('a'-'d') have been

Even though we don't have bandwidth yet, the new statsbox is being

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