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bovine :: 20-Jan-2001 07:51 (Saturday) ::

I've released an updated version of my log visualizer for win32.  Version
1.2.1 corrects a log parsing issue that caused it to ignore block entries
produced by older "rc5des" clients (between about versions v2.7100.417
and v2.8000).  Additionally, it adds a menu item to quickly "zoom full"
and show the entire log file, in case you have used the zoom selection to
restrict it to a specific date period.  Finally, when you have the "idle
period emphasis" enabled, the lower bound of the y-axis (keyrate) is now
forced to 0, allowing the idle periods to be accentuated at their actual
level of non-productivity.  As always, source can be found at
http://www.distributed.net/source/ or binaries at
http://www1.distributed.net/~bovine/win32vis.png is a nice snapshot of
the display, in case any of you have not seen it before.

I encourage any motivated participants that have C++ and Win32 API
experience and a bit of free time to consider looking at the TODO file
included with the source code and possibly working on any of the outstanding
tasks.  Contact me directly if you're thinking on working on anything (or
have additional suggestions for other TODO items) so that I can coordinate
who is working on what.

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