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decibel :: 10-Jun-2001 01:01 (Sunday) ::

Tally is caught up with rc5 and is doing the rc5 run for June 9th. I've
turned web access back on, so it'll be 5-6 hours before that's done. Once
it is done, OGR will start processing.

Sorry for the delays.

bwilson :: 10-Jun-2001 21:12 (Sunday) ::

Hello again.

As long as we had tally off-line to expand the database, decibel and I
decided to perform some much needed maintenance.  We rebuilt some of the
indexes on the tables we torture the most, and updated statistics on The
Big Table (that's the detail table for RC5-64).  For comparison, this one
table occupies almost 3GB, which is about 80% of the data in the stats
database, and nearly one fourth of the total disk on tally.

We had hoped this wouldn't be necessary - we had hoped to be moved over
to the new server (blower) by now.  Technology and time schedules prevented
us from completing the migration.  The 2GB file size limit on Linux is
starting to be a real problem.  All the stats folks are getting together
by phone soon to discuss the possibility of switching to Free BSD.  This
option would give us more room to grow, but would not (easily) support
some of our current tools.  I think we're leaning that direction, but we
don't want to backtrack that far just to find it's not going to work.

Another maintenance task I performed was to purge many of the teams that
had been created but never used.  This is mostly our fault - the
team-creation forms on the website make it easy for people to create a
team and then forget how to join it.  Over the years, many people have
created a team several times in a row, never succeeding in joining.  This
purge had never been performed in the past, to my knowledge, so it was
long overdue.

Rest assured, I have only purged those teams that never had any work
submitted, never had any members, and do not currently have any members.
I also preserved any empty team created in the last several months, just
in case the work is being saved up to submit in the near future.  Even as
careful as I was, it turns out over half the teams in the table were
completely inactive.  I saved an archive of the removed teams, but being
in a different SQL table, they will have less impact on statsrun.  If by
some chance, you had created a team and I have removed it, please e-mail
me directly to have it replaced.

The next time we have occasion to modify the team-creation code, we'll
add a date-created field to the teams table and establish a policy where
teams will be removed if no work is submitted in a certain time-frame.

That's all the news that's fit to print.  Thanks again for all the cycles.

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