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Sat Mar 3 19:00:03 EST 2001

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bovine :: 03-Mar-2001 09:05 (Saturday) ::

After many delays we are now proud to announce the availability of the
official line of distributed.net-branded clothing and merchandise,
affectionately known as "dnet-ware".  We are currently offering two styles
of t-shirts, one style of sweatshirt, coffee mugs, and mouse pads.  Feel
free to cheeck out the available items on our "dnet-ware" web page at

Additionally, over the last few days we have been undergoing a fair amount
of workunit submission growth, which has been causing a backlog of workunits
to accumulate at our keymaster.  In order to improve responsiveness, much
of this backlog has been transferred offline for gradual processing over
the next few days.  Some new optimizations to the keymaster build 324
codebase have also been made to greatly improve sustainable workunit
processing rates by several fold under most circumstances.  We will continue
to be processing the backlog over this weekend and stats should hopefully
be caught up and up to date within the next couple of days.

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