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ivo :: 23-Mar-2001 15:24 (Friday) ::

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ---------------------

Several distributed.net participants have expressed their concern with
regard to the distributed.net client and the recent outbreaks of
Foot-and-Mouth disease.

Some members asked if they could moove their computer with the cow client
on it, others were afraid to flush the cow, and thus spreading the disease
around the world, even to the master servers of distributed.net in the
United States.

distributed.net's CCO (Chief Cow Officer) Jeff Lawson acted swiftly and
called his high school buddy EU Food Safety Commissioner Mr David Byrne.
Mr Byrne went great ways to grant distributed.net an exception to the very
strict transportation ban currently in place in large parts of Western

distributed.net assures its members they can go on and flush as ever
before.  There is no need to slaughter (kill -9) their cattle or let the
flushed blocks go to /dev/cesspool, as recommended by various national
governments in Western Europe. Also, piling up blocks and transport them
only after the crisis is over is strongly deprecated.

distributed.net wants to make very clear that the recent disease in some
cows, dubbed the "8012-flaw", has nothing to do with the initial outbreak
of Foot-and-Mouth disease in England earlier this month, despite of rumors
circulating the internet.

If you suspect your cow is infected with the virus and want to be on the
safe side, go to http://www.distributed.net/trojans.html and download our
'wormfree' program. Be advised, though, that in most parts of the world,
virus vaccination of cows is forbidden! distributed.net will in no case
accept liability when participants get fined because of illegal vaccination.

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