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Thu May 10 20:57:38 EDT 2001

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours: 

nugget :: 10-May-2001 00:56 (Thursday) ::

To the person who left the cute note on my car last night...  I can't give
you a stats prize without your email address.  :)


Cheers!  ]:8)

nugget :: 10-May-2001 04:51 (Thursday) ::

Well, distributed.net has just spent the largest single sum of money it's
ever spent (barring prize payments).  It's well-past time to upgrade our
aging keymaster, so I just placed an order for a nice Dell PowerEdge 2550.

The new box will add reliability in the form of RAID and the twin CPUs
will take advantage to the better threading model that cow recently added
to the master code.  We'll also really appreciate the additional drive

I apologize for letting the ledger fall a bit stale lately, we've changed
banks (with my move to Austin) and I haven't found the time to bring the
online register up to date.  I will get it updated this week to reflect
this purchase as well as other spending that DCTI has made.


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