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Mon May 14 20:57:22 EDT 2001

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours: 

brandon :: 14-May-2001 04:54 (Monday) ::

New help at distributed.net guy.  Pretty boring plan, eh?

bovine :: 14-May-2001 08:04 (Monday) ::

Just to let everyone know and clarify the facts, we are now in the middle
of preventative replacements to three of our primary servers:  nodezero,
keymaster, and statsbox.  The new keymaster hardware has only recently
been ordered, so it will still be a couple of weeks before the transition
to the new hardware will be made--Nugget's 10-may-2001 plan entry describes
the keymaster's new specs.  The configuration of the new statsbox ("blower")
is still progressing slowly, but most of the blockers have been resolved
and so its preparation has now been resumed.

The replacement of nodezero, our primary webserver, cgi, and shell machine,
has been a long-awaited event and its migration was quietly initiated a
couple of weeks ago when it was introduced into the round-robin DNS pool
for the general static www.d.net content.  Tonight I am initiating migration
of the primary CGI facilities to the new machine, with selective CGI
content remaining on the old machine temporarily.  Specifically the plans,
user webpages, bugzilla, and stats graphs will temporarily remain on
"oldcgi" instead of "n0cgi" (which now points to the new server).  I have
taken measures to ensure that automatic redirects between the servers are
in place during this transition period and do not expect any significant
inability to access our web content, nor do I expect any manual intervention
to be required by anyone accessing our site.

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