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Sat Sep 8 21:00:01 EDT 2001

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours: 

decibel :: 08-Sep-2001 17:53 (Saturday) ::

It seems something went wrong and the Sept. 5th stats are missing. I'm
looking into in right now...

decibel :: 08-Sep-2001 18:00 (Saturday) ::

I'm not certain if the 9/5 run crashed or not, but some of the logfiles
are definitely missing from tally. As soon as the logfiles get transfered
over, I'll be re-running rc5 stats from 9/5 to today.

decibel :: 08-Sep-2001 21:36 (Saturday) ::

The 9/05 run is in progress. I've turned web access off for the next hour
to give it a bit of a head start. I'll probably turn web access off again
later tonight for another few hours. Hopefully, we should be back to normal
by tomorrow night.

Sorry for the delays.

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