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Mon Apr 1 19:00:31 EST 2002

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 31-Mar-2002 21:24 GMT (Sunday) ::

Hopefully the plan mailing list should again be working, after
rewriting the several hundred lines of Perl that drive the checking
and formation of the mails.  Included in the rewrite were some
additional safety checks to eliminate the occasional mishaps that
caused old plan files to sometimes be mistakenly emailed out.

decibel :: 01-Apr-2002 15:09 CST (Monday) ::

I think I may have actually figured out a way to do real-time stats,
something that some participants have been foaming at the mouth about for
a very, very long time. The technique will involve utilizing our network
itself for stats computation. The problem is that right now it looks like
it will require about 80% of our network to make it work. We'll have to see
if that can be improved upon.

BTW, happy April 1st to everyone.

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