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Wed Aug 7 01:00:05 EDT 2002

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 06-Aug-2002 08:49 GMT (Tuesday) ::

I've made available some new pre-release clients (v2.8019.473) for the
following platforms:

* amigaos-ppc-pup
* amigaos-ppc-wos
* dos-x86
* linux-x86-elf
* netbsd-mipsel
* openbsd-sparc-aout
* openbsd-x86-aout
* ps2linux-mips
* win16-x86
* win32-x86-setup
* win32-x86

You can find download links for these new clients under
There are a few important changes made in this new version:

* fix: static: rebuilt all static clients to fix CA-2002-19:
       "Buffer Overflow in Multiple DNS Resolver Libraries"
* chg: all: increased buff-in.* limit to 2000 packets
* imp: x86: improved P4 RC5 core (ak-p7) (#2542)
* new: x86: detect latest Pentium III (#2778) and Athlon XP (#2783)
* chg: linux: enable /proc/apm support for non-x86 (#2643)
* fix: all: processed RC5 random blocks even if RC5 was disabled
* fix: amigaos: fixed problems with font requester opening in
         GUI prefs window when clicking other gadgets
* imp: amigaos: can be shutdown by pressing escape key in GUI

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