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bovine :: 11-Aug-2002 22:51 GMT (Sunday) ::

Just thought I'd share some interesting statistics and graphs that I
dug up for RC5-64 right now.

The following graph shows the overall "return rates" that we have
obtained for subspaces 90 through 135, for their most recent recycled
distribution passes.  

This represents work that was sent out between Jun/26/2002 through
today (we are currently on 135 right now).  The horizontal axis
represents elapsed time between when a workunit is sent out and when
the result is received back, and each data point represents a
different subspace.

Although the data is a little noisy (the trend should ideally be
strictly increasing), the trends are still quite observable.  As you
can see, a majority of our participants seems to return blocks back
after about 4 days, with relatively negligible results anytime
afterwards.  Additionally, every time we send a workunit out on a new
recycle pass, only about 75% of those are ever actually returned (most
likely because people fetch more blocks than they intended and delete
the excess).

Here is another potentially interesting graph that shows the current
completion percentages for all 256 subspaces.  

As a reminder, the overall percent complete across the entire keyspace
is about 85%; this is the same number that is shown on the statsbox at

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