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Sun Dec 1 00:00:03 EST 2002

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 30-Nov-2002 23:49 GMT (Saturday) ::

I've just put some additional release candidate clients on the
pre-release page http://www1.distributed.net/download/prerelease.html

* dnetc478-bsdos2-x86-aout.tar.gz
* dnetc478-bsdos4-x86-elf.tar.gz
* dnetc478-linux-arm-elf.tar.gz
* dnetc478-linux-x86-elf-pthreads.tar.gz
* dnetc478-netbsd-mipsel.tar.gz
* dnetc478-openbsd-sparc-aout.tar.gz
* dnetc478c-os2-x86.zip

Note that we are providing the linux-x86-elf-pthreads client as an
alternate to the traditional linux-x86-elf client (which uses forking
and shared-memory as its execution model).  The pthreads client should
still be considered for use specifically on systems that have problems
with shared-memory usage (such as clusters that utilize MOSIX for
process migration), since our forked-model client still has greater
code maturity.

It's been pointed out by a number of people that some of the clients
on the pre-release page have been available there for more than 4
days.  That threshold is intended to merely be a guidance for the
approximate amount of time, and not a hard-set time period.  Formal
release of those clients and the formal start of RC5-72 is soon
forthcoming but is awaiting coordination with a number of staff to
ensure everything begins smoothly.

Additionally, OGR stats processing will probably not occur tonight
since Decibel is out of town and I need him to manually re-process a
couple of today's logfiles before resuming the automation.

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