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Wed Dec 4 00:00:03 EST 2002

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 03-Dec-2002 11:34 GMT (Tuesday) ::

I know a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting this...  The official
client download page has been updated with the v2.9 clients, which
includes RC5-72 support!  These clients have been undergoing
pre-release testing for several weeks now, so we feel pretty happy
with their quality.

The keyserver network is actively handing out and accepting results
for RC5-72, so all participants are encouraged to upgrade their
clients at this time.  The majority of our keyservers have already
upgraded to server versions that are RC5-72 enabled.

Updates to various portions of our website will be continuing
throughout the coming days.  Stats for RC5-72 are not yet available,
but all RC5-72 results submitted with v2.9001.477 or above will be
reflected once they do come online.

Please be sure to also check out our FAQ section on RC5-72 at

bovine :: 03-Dec-2002 19:19 GMT (Tuesday) ::

There are some updated release-candidate personal proxies available on

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