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decibel :: 05-Dec-2002 16:56 CST (Thursday) ::

Quick update on RC5-72 stats...

First, there was some mis-communication internally about intended launch dates.
This is why we ended up launching before stats were ready. The changes required
to get RC5-72 stats aren't really major, but we wanted to take this opportunity
to make the stats system easier to maintain.

A year or two ago, we made a major effort to revamp stats so that there
was a single code-base for all the projects. This has helped tremendously
with ongoing maintenance, but there were still a few bits of code that were
hard-coded specifically for RC5-64, namely the code that reports how many
keys were done. Right now it's not only hard-coded, but it's also hard-coded
assuming that what's stored in the database is 2^28 blocks.

Rather than compound the problem by hacking hard-coded support for RC5-72 and
it's 2^32 blocks into the PHP, we are now in the process of changing things so
that the PHP can find out from the database exactly how to present information
on the web pages, in terms of what units are stored in the database and what
multiplication/division needs to be done to make what's in the database a bit
more presentable.

We also decided that for constancy, it would be best if we stored the number  .
of keys done in the database, instead of blocks, because we store nodes for   .
OGR and not stubs The database code has already been modified to reflect this,.
and the data stored in the database for RC5-72 is now in keys. Since the PHP  .
code is still expecting 2^28 blocks though, this obviously means you can't    .
trust any numbers the pages are showing                                       .

What remains to be done at this point is to go through all the PHP code and
remove the hard-coded RC5 stuff and replace it with code that pulls the
required information dynamically from the database. Paul is working on that
right now, but I don't have any ETA. As he commits this code you will start
seeing OGR pages that have both Gnodes and full node counts, to roughly match
keys and blocks in RC5.

Thanks as always for your patience.

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