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decibel :: 08-Dec-2002 23:20 CST (Sunday) ::

A small amount of progress has been made on RC5-72 stats this weekend. The main
summary page and the participant summary page have been modified to display the
correct data.


There are still many pages left to modify, though, and this is where YOU can

I've opened a meta-bug that has dependencies on pages that still have to be
modified. You can see this bug at


and the dependency tree is at


All of the bugs that bug 2980 depend on are pages that require the changes
outlined in bug 2980. If you have some PHP knowledge and would like to help,
here's what you need to do:

1) Re-assign the bug for the page you want to work on to yourself (you'll need
an account in bugzilla to do this) 2) Make the changes 3) Attach the new page,
or a patch, to the bug and re-assign it back to stats-bugs so that one of us
can commit the fixes

There are about 6 pages that need to be changed that I haven't opened bugs on
yet; I want to clean them up a bit before setting others loose on them. If you
want to help and all the existing pages have been 'taken' by someone already,
just catch me on IRC (DeciBull on irc.distributed.net) and I'll set you up. IRC
is also the best way to get questions answered, though you can also email me.


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