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Thu Dec 12 00:00:03 EST 2002

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

decibel :: 10-Dec-2002 19:48 CST (Tuesday) ::

Sybase just went belly-up, so stats are down. No ETA on a fix yet.

decibel :: 10-Dec-2002 22:09 CST (Tuesday) ::

Well, the master device on Sybase certainly appears to be toast. Both Matt
and I have looked at it and have little hope of salvaging it. I'm hoping the
Bruce can look at it tomorrow. It's getting late now and Matt and I don't want
to start messing around with things when we're tired and primed for making
mistakes, so we're going to wait until tomorrow before doing anything.

On the bright side, I'm pretty sure that the backup of the master device that
we have will allow us to access the main stats database again. If that's the
case we might be able to get this resolved without an undue amount of pain.

More info when it's available.

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