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decibel :: 11-Dec-2002 23:48 CST (Wednesday) ::

Just wanted to keep people updated on stats. In a nutshell, nothing happened
today... bwilson wasn't around (his wife is due any day, so for all we know
he's playing with his new baby right now :) ), and Matt and I were busy all
day. Tonight didn't work out either.

I'm hoping that we can get this taken care of tomorrow evening, but that may
not happen either. Worst case we should be able to get something done this
weekend. (Of course every time we announce a date we usually blow right past it
so I may have just jinx-ed the whole thing...)

bovine :: 12-Dec-2002 21:19 GMT (Thursday) ::

Just wanted to let people know that we're indeed having some traffic
capacity issues to the keyservers, so it may take your client several
connection attempts to successfully fetch or flush buffers.  Just let
the client retry by itself (don't manually keep retrying) and it
should eventually connect.

Additionally, we'd like to again request that everyone go around and
check all of their machines on which previous versions of the dnetc
client had been installed and consider upgrading them.  In particular,
if you are still running a v2.8010 client, uninstall it or upgrade!!

That version has a known bug that will cause it to rapidly reconnect
to our keyservers if the projects are closed and it is unable to get
work.  This is causing a fair amount of donated bandwidth to be wasted
and is causing quite a bit of concern.  We're in the process of
collecting the IP addresses of the most significant offenders and
contacting them individually when possible, but this is a tedious and
partially manual process.

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