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Wed Dec 18 00:00:04 EST 2002

distributed .plan updates in the last 24 hours:

bovine :: 17-Dec-2002 09:36 GMT (Tuesday) ::

Several additional clients have graduated from release-candidate
status to formal release availability on the download page:

* dnetc478-riscos-arm
* dnetc478-irix6.5-mips
* dnetc478-netbsd-arm32
* dnetc478-linux-sparc
* dnetc478a-linux-arm-elf

A few new release candidates have been added to the pre-release page:

* dnetc478-dos-x86
* dnetc478-linux-x86-elf-glibc20
* dnetc478-nto2-arm
* dnetc478-nto2-x86
* dnetc478-ps2linux-mipsel
* dnetc478-qnx4-x86
* dnetc478-win16-x86

Also the proxyinfo monitoring pages have been updated to support a
more modern backend infrastructure, but we have tried to keep the
presentation approximately the same.  You can see the new RC5-72
proxyinfo (updated at 5 minute intervals) page at:

* http://n0cgi.distributed.net/rc5-proxyinfo.html
* http://n0cgi.distributed.net/ogr-proxyinfo.html

The random, useless factoids at the top of the proxyinfo page are
indeed outdated and need to be replaced with more interesting quotes
(I've merely translated the old 1998 quotes/scripts into modern XSL).
If you have cute ideas for *positive*, general interest quotes, I'm
willing to accept suggestions at bovine at distributed.net.  (Preferably
try to keep them project neutral so that they'll work for RC5-72 keys
or OGR nodes.)  For the curious, saved copies of the two input files
that generate the above proxyinfo page are:

* http://www1.distributed.net/~bovine/proxyinfo2.xsl
* http://www1.distributed.net/~bovine/proxyinfo.xml (stale input data)

nerf :: 17-Dec-2002 21:17 GMT (Tuesday) ::

Just a quick note to let you know we're doing stuff:

Joel and I have been working on the OGR verification routines and are
pretty close to the final testing phase.  At this point we've run into
some problems that require things to be handled manually, which is
obviously a Bad Thing.

Once we get things sorted out, we will have one of the biggest hurdles
to finishing an OGR contest out of the way.

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